About Us

About Us

Stability ;  Simdot is an established and reliable organization, providing  audit  , assurance , risk assessment , business solutions , inspection and training services .

Global Presence ; Simdot offers services on a global scale using resources close to where the service is required.

Experienced  Resources : We understand the criticality of competent human resources to business success and in line with our risk appetite ,  Simdot’s  staff are professional and knowledgeable who represent  your interests on-site  at any time and any location within our sphere of corporate competence. We grow organization knowledge organically.

Scheduling Flexibility ; Simdot understands the unpredictable nature of sourcing and the importance of meeting critical deadlines. We schedule accordingly, which often means accommodating last minute requests and multiple requests across different and wide geographies

Timely Feedback ; Simdot offers prompt and real time reporting, with detailed reports provided within 24 hours of completion. And from time to time ,provide timely feedbacks to Top Management . We keep seeking best ways to improve our efficiency and raise clients perception and satisfaction .

Dedicated Account   and Regional Managers  ; Simdot employs regional account managers who are available to assist clients  consistently.

Scalability ; Simdot maintains an advanced HR system that enables a high degree of scalability worldwide. We routinely manage project demand fluctuations within and across countries. We are able to train and deploy engineers and other required professionals within days, for projects of all sizes, so that bookings are completed in the time required.

We know that our customers want to partner with an established and reliable organization. Simdot has been providing exceptional services in all operating areas and business environment

We know that customers need timely, informative feedback. Simdot delivers reports within time and as agreed in several contracts .

We know that customers require assistance at various locations and require a partner that serves them worldwide over the long-term. Simdot offers services in several geographies

We know that customers value convenience. Simdot provides  fast and reliable services . Available also are remote audits , online training services and on line engagements


We know that our customers have tight budget requirements. Simdot does not make you compromise service quality for cost; we offer the highest level of service at competitive rates.

We know that customers require skilled and knowledgeable staff. At Simdot we define ourselves by our team of experienced professionals strategically positioned around the globe. Simdot personnel offer in-depth experience in relevant industries. Our team is fluent in English and local languages and dialects to facilitate communications.

We know customers demand more than basic services from their partners. We can assist with travel itineraries and airport transportation, provide translators for factory visits and negotiate impasses with vendors on your behalf. Simdot goes above and beyond quality assurance services to assist you in whatever way we can.

Simdot specializes in providing state-of-the-art technical training and certifications on all popular IT technologies available globally. The world class training at Simdot is offered through several innovative learning methods and delivery models to cater the unique requirements of a global customer base.

Simdot is home to more than 350 certified trainers who are subject matter experts in their respective domains.

We’re the fastest growing IT , ISO ,  Leadership, Business Improvement  training provider in Africa with the widest range of IT courses and certifications under one roof. Over the years, Simdot has been providing  first class services in auditing , supplier certification , personnel  certification , risk assessment , assurance services , inspection and training services  and for wide spectrum of  clients in the Public and  Private sectors..

We are experts in our chosen fields, promoting excellence and helping organizations reduce business risk and remain competitive through our services .

We support individuals to reach their potentials and maximize opportunities for all stakeholders .

We pride in our competence , experience and value we extend to all .

We have the passion .We work with speed and accuracy . We love what we do !

We are serious about our values. And in the context of those values we can tackle your whole project in a comprehensive customer focused way or a portion thereof.

Everyone and everything matters in the society and in the world. We care for everyone irrespective of their association with us.

Something which lies ahead of Best is Excellence, and achieving that has always been a primary driving force for everyone at Simdot.

Change is the only constant, therefore, Simdot always strives for innovation to discover new and better opportunities that promote an inclusive and sustainable growth environment.

Happiness is the biggest treasure of the universe. Staying happy and creating an environment of happiness for everyone is integral to the identity of Simdot.

We use Simdot to make our suppliers better. Some of our clients have visited and audited the suppliers and can’t believe the improvements in quality and conformance.
Not only have we controlled the quality, working with Simdot we've improved the quality, Having Simdot on our team makes it easier to source in new parts of the world.